About ‘Opera Eagle’s Nest’

When the hush falls over the crowd Opera Eagle’s Nest infuse their audience with their own electric current which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and sends shivers down your spine, not once but regularly, throughout their performance. From Opera to Broadway OEN’s first-time audiences are shocked into silence by the depth of the emotional response and by the astonishing beauty of those pure voices of a quality rarely heard outside the great opera houses. Opera Eagle’s Nest boasts a cast with international experience, just one of their concerts leaves you on an all time high!

With a special performance at the gala opening of arts ablaze conference 2019 and a tour of 10 centres around South West Queensland planned for 2020, Opera Eagle’s Nest has an ethos of keeping its programs alive, fresh and vital.

Opera Eagle’s Nest performs in just about any setting, from concert platform, to intimate opera-cabaret, or on pontoons, on a lake under the stars! From Opening Ceremonies at World Conference s to 21st Birthdays.

From the spine-tingling harmonies and highly charged top ‘C’s’ of Opera to the sparkling humor of Operetta and the toe-tapping familiar tunes of your favorite Broadway hits, Opera Eagle’s Nest stirs deep emotions in its audience with its uplifting, inspiring and motivational performances that will have you calling out for more!